Statement of principle and vision of this Website

1. This Website is a tool of the platform “Social Farming Europe”.

2. Its vision is the creation of an European wide platform for practitioners, scientists and other stakeholders within the field of social farming.

3. Our understanding of “social farming” is as such, that it includes all types of (therapeutic, rehabilitating, reintegrating, social or educational) interventions happening on farms.

4. By creating this platform, we hope to link social farming activities of all European countries and unite them on basis of their analogies.

5. We support, value and accept the fact that social farming has different approaches and forms of realization in various European countries, but are convinced that they can all be united by emphasizing their common ground.

6. The platform is realized by building up an active community of social farming stakeholders, who contribute with their knowledge, ideas, and opinions and thus help to further develop social farming in Europe. To be able to make this contribution, we have set up this active and living Website.

7. We are convinced that social farming can become much stronger in Europe if the stakeholders of the single countries combine their enthusiasm and voices. Together we are strong.

© SOFIEU-project 2012